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You don't need to be a business manager to know that your employees need to be healthy and positive to be productive at work. For those in charge, it's constant work to manage as many factors as possible to ensure the health and well-being of the employees. A clean and disinfected office environment is one factor, and only professional cleaners can perform it to perfection.

Ali All Services Ltd is a company with dedicated and experienced cleaners ready to perform office cleaning services in Reading at standards that exceed expectations. Our commercial cleaning services are of high quality, and our rates are competitive. We have the same professionalism and commitment to hiring us for a small office cleaning service or a large-scale office building. Contact us for further details and to get a quote for the job.

Ali All Services Ltd is the answer for excellent office cleaning Reading

Any dedicated business manager knows that having healthy and positive staff is crucial for business success. Your customers will find your space more welcoming as well. Even if you hire a commercial cleaning company for regular commercial office cleaning, thorough office cleaning services are much needed from time to time. You don't need to look very far for an office cleaning company in Reading when ours is just so easy to contract. Our cleaners are reliable and pay attention to the most minute detail with every cleaning service.

We are a Reading office cleaning company that goes above and beyond to execute commercial cleaning services of the highest quality each and every time. We don't consider any cleaning contracts too basic or too complex for us; every customer is essential. Moreover, we choose the products, methods, and equipment most suited for an office. We use commercial-grade products and the most efficient methods to leave the office germ-free. Reach us for details about our contract cleaning services.

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Hiring Ali All Services Ltd is beneficial for your office. Here's why!

As a business manager, you know that you cannot succeed if the work environment is unhealthy, unhygienic, and unwelcoming. Even if it may not seem like a difficult task, cleaning the office isn't something that your staff should do. Not only that, they might like the skills and products, but they may waste time and energy -- something you always need for a thriving business. Needless to say, some areas of an office, such as the floor, may require specialized tools and cleaning methods.

At Ali All Services Ltd, we have skilled cleaners who know everything about thorough office cleaning. Our professional office cleaning makes the workspace a positive and pleasant environment that helps employees focus on their work. Your employees will have fewer colds and feel comfortable and positive working in a germ-free environment thanks to our professional office cleaning. We use environmentally friendly products, so that staff and clients breathe the freshest air.

Why is office cleaning necessary?

Regular cleaning and maintenance cannot stop grime, bacteria, and dust collect in offices, reception areas, and a shared kitchen. To keep the workspace healthy and fresh, you need to hire the most experienced and skilled cleaning operatives in Reading, which are ours. The Health and safety of your employees are essential for their productivity at work. Our professional cleaning services will give your peace of mind so you can focus on other activities. Get in touch with us for fantastic quality cleaning services at affordable rates!

We're different from our competition. Here's how!

We know that several companies execute office cleaning services in Reading. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for our competitors; they're one reason for us being a top-rated company today. If you look for end-of-tenancy cleaning services in Reading, our name will be one of the most mentioned names. Customers hire us because we are a valuable office cleaning company in Reading.

Knowledgeable and professionally-trained cleaners

We have years of experience in the cleaning field, and we know that being meticulous is fundamental for success. We scrutinize our cleaners and only the most knowledgeable and determined to make it to our team. In addition, we have on-site team managers who supervise their work. Our cleaners have professional training from time to time and stay updated on the industry's developments. We use the latest cleaning equipment and cleaning products from the most reputed manufacturers.

A complete lists of cleaning services

Our technicians are able to provide you with a long list of cleaning services across Reading.

Our clients' most favourites would be:

after renovation clean service

Our client counts the most

At Ali All Services Ltd, we only care about customers' best interests. According to the client's requests, preferences, and budget, we choose the cleaning methods, equipment, and products most suited for your commercial property.

We are flexible and adjust our cleaning checklists to the clients' needs. We are only clean as much or as little as our client wants. Additionally, we work around the client's schedule because we know that office cleaning services can affect management activities. As a result, we work seven days a week and on bank holidays and can come whenever is best for our client.

We are detail-oriented

Our experienced cleaners will have utmost care to sanitize all surfaces, touchpoints, and surfaces and leave the office space germ-free. In 2021, we're aware that many people fear Covid-19 and bacteria spreading. Therefore, our staff had training about the new hygiene protocols and uses cleaning procedures to reduce the Covid-19 transmission. While cleaning, our technicians wash their hands more often, keep the 2-meter safety distance while on-site and abide by the strictest hygiene protocols.

We can adjust our checklists for deep cleaning service!

Since every office space has specific details, we're ready to adjust our methods every time. Our technicians are professionally trained and ready to perform only the cleaning tasks you want them to do. We can perform a wide range of cleaning tasks:

  • dust all vents and light fixtures
  • vacuum all blinds, drapes, windowsills, tracks, etc
  • dust all baseboards
  • dust all walls and clean all light switches
  • dust doorknobs, doors, and door frames
  • clean and sanitize screen and computer keyboards
  • clean cabinets, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, etc
  • move all furniture and vacuum all carpets
  • clean and disinfect restroom walls, sinks, urinals, and toilets. We eliminate the urine smell with a machine scrubbing of the restroom floors.
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces. Please seek that your employees remove everything from their desks before we do the cleaning.
  • Mop the floors and clean the baseboards behind furniture.

We recommend our commercial clients to consider:

  • carpet cleaning
  • high ceiling dusting
  • window cleaning from the inside
  • striping and waxing the floors

We recommend Electrostatic Disinfecting Services

Our technicians will spray an electrostatic-charged mist onto all surfaces and objects for high-quality cleaning results. We use EPA registered disinfectant made with particles (positively charged) to adhere to objects and surfaces. After spray application, the sanitizing agent will disinfect the covered surfaces. Due to high efficiency against germs, we recommend the electrostatic spray for high trafficked areas and high touch surfaces in offices.

We have a comprehensive approach to high-touch point disinfecting

As offices are highly trafficked, we concentrate our attention and efforts on high-touch areas. Our technicians will pay attention to the most minute detail and abide by effective cleaning protocols for Reading's best office cleaning services. Our office cleaners will cover a wide range of cleaning tasks:

  • wipe down and disinfect conference tables, cubicle desks, cubicles, cubicle ledges, file cabinets handles, phone rooms, conference rooms, and common areas.
  • wipe down and disinfect front desks and waiting areas
  • wipe down and disinfect kitchen tables, kitchen surface spaces, and chairs
  • wipe down and disinfect the exterior of the microwave, refrigerator, drink fridge, paper towel holders, toaster oven, kitchen faucet, coffee makers, paper towel holders, etc.
  • wipe down and disinfect phones, keyboards, and computer mice
  • wipe down and disinfect restroom door handles, door handles, stall door handles, and conference room door handles

Call us for a free quote

If you need office cleaning in Reading, our team at Ali All Services Ltd represents one of the most reliable cleaning companies to hire. Our professionals are fully trained and supervised by a quality management team on-site to ensure the best cleaning services every time. Contact us for cost-effective maintenance and cleaning services in Reading. We can give you details about our work and a quote over the phone.

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